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Hi All;
I felt the need to comment concerning the setup for VCF East.
To all below who participated with me in the tables and chairs setup, MANY  
If it wasn't for Tony and his crew helping, we would not be as far along as 
 we were yesterday
in progress.  I  felt privileged  and honored to be  able to help with the 
This was a large preparation undertaking.  From my viewpoint, limited  as 
it might be, it seems
that it is always Evan and Jeff B. doing all the grunt work to get a large  
presentation such as this
off the ground and ready for public viewing.  I was able to divert  from my 
job and  help yesterday
so I stepped up.
Being an all volunteer organization, I understand that people have jobs and 
 other commitments 
during the week.  We however all benefit from the 'grunt' preparation  that 
is needed for a large
festival such as this, AND as a all volunteer function, it is the members  
that have to help for
the group as a whole.
Once we all finish enjoying the fruits of the "boys' labor", then will  
come the cleanup.
I am personally asking everyone, ANYONE willing to step up and help with  
the pack up after
Sunday.  If a few more people stepped in to help, pack up goes a hell  of a 
lot quicker.
I will not be able to help in the pack up, but then again, I did my  part.
>From personal experience yesterday, here's a preview of what needs to  be 
In 9032 meeting room, where most of the displays are: 
1. All rented tables need to be collapsed and piled up ready for  pickup by 
the rental co.
2. All wooden chairs need to be folded and stacked.
3. NJARC's Altec speakers, and podium need to be rolled back out and  setup.
4. Info Age tables in storage need to be set back up.
5. Blue cubical dividers with 'Evan's Area' posters need to be set back up  
in the
    Hotel dining area.
In the Hotel:
1. Consignment area tables need to be brought back to the large  meeting 
area next door.
2. Chairs need to be folded up and returned to their respective  areas.
3. Tables in main meeting room need to be folded up and returned.
In the women's dorm in the volunteer lodging (key note speaker  assembly):
1. The 100+ black folding chairs need to be folded up and returned. to 9032 
 and the Hotel.
2. Bunk beds need to be returned to the floor and mattresses returned to  
3. Staging needs to be collapsed and returned to 9032.
The main portion of this was setup with 5 guys in 6 hours (1 hour  lunch).  
I wished I could
have stayed longer to help, but had to leave.
Now that you get a glimpse of the pack up task at hand, PLEASE can anyone  
to put Info Age back in place for the next group function.
Bill Inderrieden
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> Tomorrow the tables are being delivered between 8-9am. Me, Jeff B.,  Bill 
I., and Tony's son + friend are
> going to set them up. Also setting up the chairs. A few tables/chairs  
need to be done Thursday so they 
> don't interfere with IA being open  tomorrow.

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