[vcf-midatlantic] PET keyboard question

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 14:34:09 EDT 2017

I have a PET non-chicklet 2001  (2001-B32) .  I cleaned the inside of the
keys where they contact the board, and the keyboard circuit board.  The
board works when I touch a target point directly with something
conductive.  I also can put in a different keyboard into the PET and that
works.  So I have eliminated the problem down to the keyboard keys not
making contact.   Very few actually work by using the keyboard.

I searched the web and did not find any specific best way to handle keys
that have no response at all given my described situation.  Most places say
"clean everything"....OK tried that.  What does one do specifically
(materials and procedure) to clean the black carbon contact points to
ensure conductivity?  This is not the same issue as the SOL/Tandy-II
keyboard problem with the dried-out pads.   The PET has springs, and this
particular keyboard has no rust and very little crud.  There must be
something microscopic like a thin film that needs to be cleared.  I believe
the pads are extending and contacting the control board.  I tried using
deoxit and isopropyl alcohol.  Hope I did not ruin.  I was able to get a
few keys to work but there are a lot more to fix.

I thought I remember Doug Crawford had a page about it somewhere.  Or
someone else...Can anyone advise their experiences with restoring this or
simlar keyboard.  I would think the 4000 and 8000-series keyboards would be
the same in this regard.



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