[vcf-midatlantic] PET keyboard question

jaj at totallyamused.com jaj at totallyamused.com
Thu Nov 2 14:56:28 EDT 2017

>>I searched the web and did not find any specific best way to handle keys
>>that have no response at all given my described situation. Most places say
>>"clean everything"....OK tried that. What does one do specifically
>>(materials and procedure) to clean the black carbon contact points to
>>ensure conductivity? This is not the same issue as the SOL/Tandy-II
>>keyboard problem with the dried-out pads. The PET has springs, and this
>>particular keyboard has no rust and very little crud. There must be
>>something microscopic like a thin film that needs to be cleared. I believe
>>the pads are extending and contacting the control board. I tried using
>>deoxit and isopropyl alcohol. Hope I did not ruin. I was able to get a
>>few keys to work but there are a lot more to fix.

I use alcohol (91%) and a qtip on both the contact points and the carbon
pads.  Have you tried using a pencil eraser on the board contact points?
Might be worth it on the carbon points as well (pencil eraser) and then
clean again with alcohol.

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