[vcf-midatlantic] PET 2001 Keyboard Restoration Wrapup

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 19:54:51 EDT 2017


So I went ahead and ordered the Keypad-Fix product but being impatient I
thought I'd try a little graphite powder on the conductive pads.  It's just
the right sticky to lay onto the tips and it works perfectly.  The issue
with Silver is that it'll eventually tarnish. The graphite powder should
hold steady longer.  The problem with the Keypad-Fix is that I don't have
it here right now :-)  but I bet that would work too.

I also extended the wire from the caps-lock switch to make it easier to
work on the keyboard, should in the future I have to repeat the fix.

To clean the motherboard I found this neat product called Cyber Clean, it's
a slime compound that you smoosh over a motherboard.   It's made to clean
electronics.  It picks up everything and you just wash it off.  Yes it's a
little moist, but it seems to take the moisture up as well, leaving the
mother board dry (enough)...A little moisture is fine as long as the
circuit board is dried with a fan or blow dryer.


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