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Hey Bill Degnan. and All;
I will offer my $ 0.02 for what it's worth.
Why not try the  "sandpaper" trick.
Before you all look at me like I used a "stupid rock" to beat my head with, 
 consider the following,
with a little latitude.  This technique has worked for me with little  to 
no invasive infrastructure intrusion.
I have a Radio Shack Realistic universal TV remote I bought in the  80's, 
and over the course of it's
life, I have had to open it up and service the keypad carbon pads about 3  
times, when the keys 
don't work.  I first cleaned with Isopropyl, but initially found that  it 
did not cure the keypad failure 
when reassembled.  Using regular 10# stock printer paper, (like  
"sandpaper", yeah now you're getting it)
with medium pressure, I polished the carbon pads.  This seems to  remove a 
micro oxide crust (I call it) 
from the carbon crosspoints, thereby allowing contact when the rubber  
carbon pad key is depressed.
I DO NOT recommend using a pencil eraser.  Way too abrasive!
The remote operates the widescreen 1080 DP  TV to this day, every  night, 
with no issues.
Hopefully you are not laughing too hard!
Bill Inderrieden
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I could but I am looking for  what  someone who successfully restored a dead
keyboard did.  I never heard  anyone putting colloidal silver on a pet
keyboard before.

Bill  Degnan
twitter: billdeg
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How about putting silver on the contacts?

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> I used the 91% with qtip on both.  I could try the  eraser why not...but 
> method should have worked
> Bill  Degnan
> twitter: billdeg
>  vintagecomputer.net

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