[vcf-midatlantic] relaying the news: Oregon Train revisited

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Nov 9 13:12:45 EST 2017

 > a playable version of the classic Apple ][-era adventure game
 > Oregon Trail to promote Oregon tourism.


Over the decades, I kept stumbling over implementations of this game; so 
it's caught my attention (I don't "game".) Most recently, I accidentally 
watched an episode of "Teen Titans", a current cartoon about DC comics 
teen heroes (essentially slacker teens with a clubhouse).

It apparently started as a BASIC time-shared program in 1971. The basis 
of the game is "some research in some diaries of people who actually 
made the trip on Oregon Trail", from a 2013 interview of the first 
developer, in Minnesota.


HMH IP Company Unlimited (parent of The Learning Company) a company that 
produces educational gaming,  appears to have a current trademark for 
"The Oregon Trail", from 2017. Their IPO (stock offering) of 2013 lists 
The Oregon Trail as one of their premier titles. There's a current 
card-game, produced by Pressman, that's available at Amazon and Target.

The diaries themselves, are historic documents, accumulated by various 
people and organizations; some are still held by families. In the 
1970's, they were researched by authors and scholars. A Web search for 
"Oregon trail diaries" finds a few online, and discussion about them.


Herb Johnson

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