[vcf-midatlantic] Galaga Challenge at Festivus

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Nov 9 14:24:35 EST 2017

> I bought a Dream Authentics arcade cabinet with various button
> configurations and a nice arcade display CRT, years ago for my work.  Best
> investment .... thousands of games on it, a great way to kill 20 minutes or
> if I need a break from programming at home.  That's pretty much the only
> gaming I do actually.  Quick 10 minute random games and then back to
> whatever I was doing.  If it was easy to transport I'd bring it to Festivus.
> b

Nice! Being bit of a purist my thing has always been taking broken 
machines and fixing them. But they're big. And heavy.

I think the Chinese clone candy cabinets (a flat panel / sit down cabinet) 
will take over much of the arcade market now, outside of the music games. 
MAME plus the newer games that are PC based will find their way onto them.

My latest (and last? wait I keep saying that) acquisition that should 
arrive by container in Dec is a Japanese music rhythm game called Jubeat:

I'm a sucker for the sexy design more than the game play I think.

Pinball is still my main thing.

So heavy.

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