[vcf-midatlantic] FESTIVUS 2017 - IMPORTANT INFO

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Thu Nov 9 17:08:15 EST 2017

Here is the detailed Festivus information. I will send it out again the
week of the event.

December 9 & 10.

START - 10 A.M. on Saturday and goes late into the night until everyone
END - 5 P.M. on Sunday. (Re-starts around 10 A.M. Sunday morning)
InfoAge Building 9010-D - (2201 Marconi Road, Wall Township, NJ) - It will
be straight ahead once you enter through the gate. The door is marked Sandy
Recovery and is up the steps.

InfoAge management wants us to park inside the campus, in a neat orderly
row, between the Festivus building and the hackerspace building.

The holiday train show is going on, so we are discouraged from parking in
the main parking lot, since they will be reserved for guests of the model
train show.

Do not cost IA money by leaving it open to confuse paying guests. Always
close it behind you when you enter/exit, EVEN IF IT WAS ALREADY OPEN!

$10 for all members attending Festivus, which VCF pays to InfoAge to
renting the space and buy food and supplies.

$25 if you are staying overnight. See below for details.

VCF will have tables setup for food and games.

We will have three full sized refrigerator to temporarily store food and

We will be borrowing *my* propane grill to cook hamburgers and hot
dogs outside.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own drinks and enough to share with
others. Bring your favorite and put what you are bringing on the list:

VCF will be supplying hamburgers, hot dogs, condiments, plates, forks,
napkins, cups.

I will be posting a list of recommended items soon.

You are encouraged to bring your own favorite good and put what you are
bringing on the list:



Ian: Vintage video games and boob tubes.

Jeff Brace: Namco Joystick games, C64 Jostick Games, Intellivision Joystick
Games, C64 with Super CPU and Metal Dust with optional PS2 controller, Cards
Against Humanity!, Vectrex

Evan: Will be entertaining us with his consternation.

Nameless individuals: Burping, farting and snoring throughout the night.


Let me know if you want to stay overnight. The cost is $25. You provide
your own mattress cover, blankets, pillows. There is a shower area, lounge,
bunk beds, hot water for tea, microwave oven, toaster oven, keurig, coffee
pot, ice machine, sink, cable TV, wi-fi.

To get an accurate headcount, let me know as soon as possible that you are
staying overnight and how many nights. There will be coffee, milk, cream,
sugar and tea bags available as well.


You are allowed to bring items to sell and trade with specific individuals,
but this isn't a hamfest where you get a table to sell your stuff. If you
want to bring your stuff, you are encourage to post to the list what you
want to sell/trade and set it up ahead of time with individuals.

Anything you bring in and don't sell/trade, you bring home.

We can set aside a freebie table as per traditional, but you *must* take
your stuff home before leaving if no one takes it.


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