[vcf-midatlantic] MS-DOS 1.25 software/Gazelle

Richard Cini rich.cini at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 21:13:45 EST 2017

All –


                One of my recent projects was to build a Seattle Gazelle replica based on the unit in the VFC collection. While doing this, I got to wondering about software for it.


On Bitsavers, there is a program disk called “Perfect Writer”, a word processing program. Video is character-based, and the system doesn’t have a PC-compatible BIOS, so even though it runs MS-DOS, it can’t be that compatible. I have not seen the mention of a video board for the Gazelle, but I found the CompuPro PC-Video (a PC-compatible MC6845-based video board for the S100).


If anyone has any info on this aspect of the history of the Gazelle, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!





Rich Cini





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