[vcf-midatlantic] Semi-OT: Free at Festivus: Not Quite Vintage Mac Stuff

systems_glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 13:55:35 EST 2017


I've got some older Macs to get rid of:

* 2x iMac G3, both working last time they were powered up (within the last
* 1x Intel iMac, white plastic case, typical screen issues but functional
* 1x PowerMac G3 in the blue side-folds-down case

I have some keyboards and mice that go with them, which I'll bring. I don't
think there's enough for each machine, so first come, first serve. 100%
free. Do not want to bring them home!

Additionally, I have a pair of older Intel Mac Minis if anyone is
interested. I believe I've only got one power adapter between the two.
Asking $150 OBO for the pair. Won't run the newest OS X (I forget where
they stop). I won't bring them unless someone expresses interest.


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