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> >> anyone use apple /// cobol, used it back when
> > . ... Waterloo Cobol for the SuperPET
> >
> > There were a number of 8-bit COBOLs. CP/M versions in particular. I only
> > used it on mainframes, and not much at that.
> There were at least two COBOLs for the Commodore 64: Abacus COBOL and
> Nevada COBOL for '64 with the CP/M cartridge.
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OK, if there are no people who used Apple /// Cobol, who here even used an
Apple /// at all *back then (1980-1985) as their main PC.   I am not
expecting many.  I could see being a student and using it to test code
before uploading to the production environment, or in some cases for small
business or consultants using a micro for Cobol.

There were a number of Cobol applications for micros, I just never heard of
anyone using the Apple /// version.  Seems like it would have been nice,
but I think I would have used an IBM PC version or a Tandy CP/M version,
personally.  Or, if possible access my production environment using a
terminal. It was very popular for people at DuPont when I worked there to
take home VT 220 terminals to access the servers from home.  Mostly IBM
stuff where I was.


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