[vcf-midatlantic] vacuum tube computers, was Re: Museum Report 2017-11-26 November 26, 2017

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Nov 26 22:48:00 EST 2017

With the big Philbrick analog computer, I tell people how it's a bespoke
system used as a teaching tool in the MIT mechanical engineering department
from 1958-1970.

The Bendiz G-15 was used in a civil engineering firm in the Baltimore area,
the Univac was used at the Johns Hopkins U. Applied Physics Lab for
developing software on the shipboard computers.

I'm pretty sure this is covered in the info tablet kiosk for that part of
the museum. :)

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> > I'll jump in since I do have some interest in the education side
> > though this isn't one of my better areas of expertise. Others
> > will probably correct.
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> Thanks for the for the explanation David! Let's start with the most common
> question that everyone asks: "How was this computer used?", "What could you
> do with this computer?", "What was it capable of doing?".

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