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I think it would be good to put some of them on the tablets.

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> I'll jump in here (I've been meaning to do this for a while).  There is a
> TV channel, on cable, available in the Washington, DC area
> that broadcasts original unedited 1950's programs, including commercials.
> I have recorded and digitized several Sperry/Univac
> commercials from this channel, including some fairly long ones touting how
> the systems will benefit business.  Also, some very
> early programmer/engineer want ads.  They are digitized in MP4.  Maybe
> they could be put on a loop and shown nearby?
> Bill S.
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> > I'll jump in since I do have some interest in the education side
> > though this isn't one of my better areas of expertise. Others will
> > probably correct.
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> Thanks for the for the explanation David! Let's start with the most common
> question that everyone asks: "How was this computer used?", "What could you
> do with this computer?", "What was it capable of doing?".
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