[vcf-midatlantic] vax scsi questions

Jim Scheef js at sdf.org
Sat Oct 7 21:57:43 EDT 2017

Are the two SCSI port two separate bus or two ports on the same bus 
(controller)? If there is only one bus, terminate the empty connector. If 
there are two bus, turn off the empty bus. This is standard SCSI. 
Duplicate SCSI ID's are a no-no and must be fixed. All devices on the bus 
must has a unique ID.
Hope this is what you asked.

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> working through from VAX 3100 / microvax SCSI drives.  Three questions /
> looking for confirmation
> 1) true/false - it does not matter which scsi connector port you use, as
> long as the last drive's unconnected port has a terminator
> 2)  true/false - drives have their names (DKB500, DKB300, etc) and they
> travel with the drive even if removed
> 3)  true/false - show dev shows all drives attached to the computer that
> are properly terminated.
> 4) If question 2 is true and there are two drives with the same name, how
> does the VAX handle this?  ignore the 2nd of same name?
> Thanks
> Bill

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