[vcf-midatlantic] VAX stuff available

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 13:21:28 EDT 2017

I have the following items available from a recent purchase.  I got them
from Fran down in Baltimore (I think he's on our list, in addition to
CCTALK).  I got more than I needed assuming others will want some of it.  I
will sell for same price as paid-for (tens of dollars), just to pass along
to someone who might want them, at my cost..

VAX 4000-60 (I got two, keeping one)
VAX 3100 (not microvax, has diskette drive, interesting)

I also already had a few other items related to DEC VAX/Alpha/Rainbow that
I don't need that you can pick through here.  Ideally looking for someone
to pop over to Landenberg and pick up.  If you're looking to get into
VAX/VMS cheap now is your chance.  If there are no takers now I will bring
what's left to Festivus in December.

Contact me through vintagecomputer.net

Trades excepted.  Pickup only or wait until Festivus.

Here is what I have, VAX-wise

Alpha 2100
DEC 3000
Microvax 3100 *
VAX 4000-200 *
VAX 4000-60 (have two one avail)
VAX 3100
Rainbow 100s and parts. (have three two avail)
VT 220's. (more terminals than keyboards)
other terminals.
VT100 (with no keyboard, needs flyback repair)

* not available, what I am keeping


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