[vcf-midatlantic] vax scsi questions

VAXman at tmesis.org VAXman at tmesis.org
Sun Oct 8 16:10:04 EDT 2017

william degnan via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>> Some MicroVAXes in the 3100 series came with two SCSI busses.  There
>> are designated A and B.  The SCSI id for the MicroVAX controller was
>> typically 7; so devices could be attached with ids from 0 to 6.  The
>> naming of the devices, when VMS is booted are:
>> ddcn:  when dd is the name of the driver controlling the device.  If
>> the device is  disk, this is DK (DKDRIVER).  If the device is a tape,
>> it's MK (MKDRIVER).  The 'c' in the device designation if the adapter
>> upon which the device is located.  If there are two adapters, this is
>> either A or B.  The 'n' is the device number.  Unless you're looking
>> as a dvices served from a storage controller, the sub-LUN vallues are
>> 0.  So on your MicroVAX, you see somehting like a DKA300: for a disk
>> addressed as SCSI id 3 on the A adapter.
>> If you need more info, ask.
>This applies exactly, thanks.

I should take this time to mention that there's also a GKDRIVER (generic
SCSI); albeit, you'll need to connect that driver manually to the appro-
priate SCSI id.  I used to use a large HP bed scanner; it was SCSI based.
Via the GKDRIVER, there was software that would allow me to scan pictures,
documents, and whatever else I might place upon the scanner bed.

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