[vcf-midatlantic] vax scsi questions

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 16:51:40 EDT 2017

This all came up because I wanted to replace a drive, but the only
replacement I had avail was also ID 2 but a diff volume name.
Systartup_v5.com was hanging on the mount of the drive.   So, knowing no
other way, I had to access the OS via minimal boot to bypass systartup and
then comment out the mount of drive 2.  In MIN state I could not mount the
new drive to initialize it so re!enabled a full boot.   I could not get to
drive ID=2 in an ONLINE state. I mounted  drive ID=2 to initialize and
change its volume name to.match the old volume name.  Next I returned
systartup to mount drive id=2 (dkb200), and finally  rebooted into a normal

The trial and error associated with all that was a useful learning

Guessing there us a way from the >>> prompt to change a drive's volune, but
I did not find a way to do it.


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