[vcf-midatlantic] vax scsi questions

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Sun Oct 8 17:00:44 EDT 2017

william degnan via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>This all came up because I wanted to replace a drive, but the only
>replacement I had avail was also ID 2 but a diff volume name.
>Systartup_v5.com was hanging on the mount of the drive.   So, knowing no
>other way, I had to access the OS via minimal boot to bypass systartup
>and then comment out the mount of drive 2.  In MIN state I could not
>mount the new drive to initialize it so re!enabled a full boot.   I
>could not get to drive ID=2 in an ONLINE state. I mounted  drive ID=2 to
>initialize and change its volume name to.match the old volume name. 
>Next I returned systartup to mount drive id=2 (dkb200), and finally 
>rebooted into a normal system. 
>The trial and error associated with all that was a useful learning
>Guessing there us a way from the >>> prompt to change a drive's volune,
>but I did not find a way to do it. 

>From the dead sergeant, you can select a boot device.  Volume information --
label, structure, ownership, etc., etc. -- are manifestated in the operating
system (VMS).  If you had an issue with the device on SCSI id 2, you could 
have physically removed that drive.  The device would then not appear in the
device configuration and the MOUNT command would fail:

%MOUNT-F-NOSUCHDEV, no such device available

Assuming there is no ON ERROR in the startup procedures, your system should
then boot through the system startup to the point where you can login.  At
that point, you can reconnect the device and issue:


Then, a:


should show you your disk devices including the device at DKx200:.  

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