[vcf-midatlantic] vax scsi questions

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 12:18:37 EDT 2017

> Minimum boot will not execute your system's SYSTARTUP_VMS (or *_V5 because
> you're living in the past).

ironic statement.  In my case I just wanted to keep the license as-is being
all historical and all that I am.  I have a VMS 7.2 or .3 on CD if I really
wanted to upgrade.

> That is, typically, where one would add MOUNT
> commands to mount other device volumes available to the system.  When you
> DO startup the system minimally, there are many other aspects of *normal*
> VMS startup that are also bypassed.  You can also modify the system startup
> in SYSGEN when you boot conversationally (>>> BOOT/[R5:]1) and define the
> startup to the OPA0: (SYSBOOT> SET/STARTUP OPA0:).  WHen your system boots,
> it will leave you at the DCL prompt ($).  No need to even know the SYSTEM
> password or login to the SYSTEM account.  However, when you do this, there
> is no error handling!  A error, even a typo precipitating an unknown
> command
> syntax error, will kick you out with no resolve other than to reboot.  The
> trick here is to issue a "$ SPAWN" command first.  This way, you'll have a
> subprocess that, if it terminates, will dump you back into the STARTUP pro-
> cess.  NOTE:   If you change the startup, you will want to change it back.
I ran this


problem is now the computer always tries to boot into the network.  I need
to re-establish a boot into DKB500.  I thought this would work:


but I am starting to think with V5 you need to do it this way:

SYSBOOT> SET STARTUP_P1 = "DKB500:"  (with the colon)

On my systems, I MOUNT volumes in a procedure (I call SYSTARTUP_MOUNT.COM)
> that I run as a detached process.  If it hangs up on a MOUNT I can still,
> eventually after STARTUP.COM and its scion complete, login.
That makes sense.  I still have a ways to go to make a safe system exposed
to the outside WWW as well.  One thing about VMS, it let's you make
catastrophic mistakes without protest.  Very flexible OS though.


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