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Mon Oct 9 12:21:43 EDT 2017

william degnan via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>> > > Minimum boot will not execute your system's SYSTARTUP_VMS (or *_V5
>because > you're living in the past). 
>ironic statement.  In my case I just wanted to keep the license as-is
>being all historical and all that I am.  I have a VMS 7.2 or .3 on CD if
>I really wanted to upgrade. 
>> That is, typically, where one would add MOUNT > commands to mount
>other device volumes available to the system.  When you > DO startup the
>system minimally, there are many other aspects of *normal* > VMS startup
>that are also bypassed.  You can also modify the system startup > in
>SYSGEN when you boot conversationally (>>> BOOT/[R5:]1) and define the >
>startup to the OPA0: (SYSBOOT> SET/STARTUP OPA0:).  WHen your system
>boots, > it will leave you at the DCL prompt ($).  No need to even know
>the SYSTEM > password or login to the SYSTEM account.  However, when you
>do this, there > is no error handling!  A error, even a typo
>precipitating an unknown > command > syntax error, will kick you out
>with no resolve other than to reboot.  The > trick here is to issue a "$
>SPAWN" command first.  This way, you'll have a > subprocess that, if it
>terminates, will dump you back into the STARTUP pro- > cess.  NOTE:   If
>you change the startup, you will want to change it back. >
>> SYSBOOT> CONTINUE. > > I ran this 
>problem is now the computer always tries to boot into the network.  I
>need to re-establish a boot into DKB500.  I thought this would work: 
>but I am starting to think with V5 you need to do it this way: 
>SYSBOOT> SET STARTUP_P1 = "DKB500:"  (with the colon) 
>On my systems, I MOUNT volumes in a procedure (I call
>SYSTARTUP_MOUNT.COM) > that I run as a detached process.  If it hangs up
>on a MOUNT I can still, > eventually after STARTUP.COM and its scion
>complete, login. > > That makes sense.  I still have a ways to go to
>make a safe system exposed to the outside WWW as well.  One thing about
>VMS, it let's you make catastrophic mistakes without protest.  Very
>flexible OS though. 

You know, there was a VMS I&DS manual in the consignment at one of the (last)
VCF at InfoAge that probably would have got to the skip if I hadn't saved it
from becoming landfill.  You would be well suited to have a copy and read it.

By the time you see SYSBOOT, you've already DECIDED what is the boot device.
The boot device can he specified at the dead sargeant (>>> B DKB500) or you
can specify to the console that it be the default device to be assumed when
you issue the BOOT command.  >>> SET BOOT DKB500

If nothing has been established, the console will attempt to boot off of the
network (if a network card is present) and then off of the various devices.
It's looking for VMB.EXE which is the primary bootstrap loader.  Again, by
the time VMB.EXE is executing (which maps much of VMS and SYSBOOT), it's far
too late to try to change the boot volume.

You know, if there was a real interest, I'd consider doing a VMS seminar at
VCF but I've so many more things in my personal life's firepit at the moment
to commit to yet another log on the fire.

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