[vcf-midatlantic] Univac update

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Tue Oct 10 00:01:06 EDT 2017

Duane Craps (from several states away) and Bill Dromgoole spent the 
weekend at our museum to work on the Univac. Here's a lightly edited 
version of their report:


The 1219B is mostly operational It still has a few intermittent problems 
and a few we know about like a fan not operating below the memory chassis.

We don’t have full communication with the 1540 tape drive but can 
transfer functional commands.

We found a few bad cards in the tape drive but a lot more work is needed.

We are able to load UPAK and diagnostic programs.

We loaded and executed the memory test program but did not get a full 10 
passes to get a good printout.

After about 5 to 8 passes we get a program fault. We think due to 

We also were able to load and run “Hunt the Wumpus” game program.

Here are some photos and videos.

The second photo shows the broken computer with the main timing chain 
not working and some random lights lit.

The eighth photo shows the parts at fault we found the first day.


This link should work for anyone who thinks 640K is enough."


Related: Drom and Duane also served as museum docents. They reported a 
modest amount of visitors Saturday and tons of visitors Sunday. Said 
Drom: "It was so hectic I couldn’t give people as much attention as they 

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