[vcf-midatlantic] re-marked ICs

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Tue Oct 10 11:50:25 EDT 2017


There was some discussion in this list, about pulled vintage IC's being 
relabeled with different datecodes, brands, sometimes the wrong 
function. An ancient TTL chip was actually a touch-tone decoder chip - 
ONE IC! The depth of this problem, down to handfulls of chips selling 
for little, surprised me.

So I gathered some details from the sources and participants, added 
discussion from another vintage list, and created a Web page to report 
on the issue and practices. My thanks for their permission and reportage.

I'd welcome an email from any who stumble over this problem, when buying 
some part to fix a S-100 card or other vintage microcomputer.

Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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