[vcf-midatlantic] Considering sale of Apple Lisa...

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Oh, one last thing to add, stored in cool dry basement since what?  1998 or
maybe 1997.


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Ok.  For anyone holding their breath, it's a Lisa 2, not a 1. Oh well.


Pictures here:




You can see close up shots of where the battery was removed.  The only leak

damage is very slight corrosion on some of the leads of the resistors and

in the immediate area. 


One condition note that I had forgotten is that somehow, a small hole was

in the left shift key.  This happened before I got it.  As I said, I've
never applied power,

but mechanically, the key appears to work correctly.  Things to note:


All keyboard keys operate smoothly and easily.

Mouse is clean, ball rolls nicely and button clicks sharply.

Glare filter is clean and complete.

Documentation appears complete.

More than 20 user labeled diskettes.

Original Apple branded power cord.

Original Apple branded interface cable to Profile drive.

Original Apple branded interface cable to printer.

Apparently, it will boot into MacWorks XL or UNIX SYSTEM V.


Bill Sudbrink

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