Museum Artifact Report

Fri Oct 13 12:53:19 EDT 2017

Hello All;
I figured it was time, (Since the UNIVAC Pix spread was sent by Bill  D.)
 that I would also update us all on the progress of getting the  EAI TR20 
on line.
1. Progress is slow, but moving forward on getting a decent stable  
    in the test bed for doing integrator tray testing  from our TR20.
    The test bed has to undergo some major revamp to make  room for more
    test components to use with the main test  evaluations.  We are doing 
    revamp and fabrication here at my shops.
    Reference components have been purchased and now have to  be installed.
2. A master 10 volt reference, to be used for setup and maintenance of  the
    rack reference, as well as the test bed reference, has  been purchased.
    This reference is good to better than 0.02 %   error, which will be 5x 
    than we need for computation.
3. I still need to get out to a machine shop to fabricate the wheeled  
dolly for
   the main rack display.  This will allow us to roll the  rack in and out 
of it's
   berth for easy maintenance access.
4. Back lighting has been purchased for accent lighting on the TR20 while  
    the rack, as it will be in shadows when the  XY plotter gets installed.
5. The TR20 main power supply oscillates at high frequency.  Being  an
    alumnus of EAI, I fought this problem in these supplies  when working 
    The solution has already been installed in the test bed, 
    (as my supply did also osc. in the bed).   I have more updated parts to 
install in a 
    duplicate 10.179 supply, which will then be installed in  the TR20.
    The original supply will be left untouched and be  put "under 
    to show the workmanship to visitors.   This  update will also be done to
    the 10 volt reference in the rack and the original rack  tray be put 
    glass as well for viewing.
The work goes slow as I have had several "real job" work projects and  
"life stuff"
that has gotten in the way of doing this fun stuff.
I will try and give further updates as they move forward.
Bill Inderrieden.

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