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Thu Oct 19 16:18:08 EDT 2017

william degnan via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>A while back I was working on my MicroVAX and I had a few OS and hardware
>setbacks.  I have finally gotten back to where I was before.
>So, I have a question for you VMS admins out there.
>I can log into my Microvax 3100 as SYSTEM remotely the FQDN is
>microvax3100.vintagecomputer.net. I am having issues adding new users.  I
>remember asking about this problem a year ago and Brian helped me fix it at
>VCF E 12 I think, but I forget how he fixed it.
>I can create a user (for Evan K to try) and I can log in, but it
>immediately logs me out.  I get the following error:
>Username: EKOBLENTZ
>        Welcome to VAX/VMS version V5.5-2 on node COBUCK
>    Last interactive login on Thursday, 19-OCT-2017 15:14
>%Sorry, your default device is unavailable for login, try again later...
>  EKOBLENTZ    logged out at 19-OCT-2017 15:14:38.56
>I remember Brian S fixed this problem, and it's not a user setup issue
>within AUTH, there is something else I need to do to allow non SYSTEM users
>to log in.
>This is not a production server but I do have it up and running now, if
>anyone who can advise needs the SYSTEM password just send me an email and I
>will send to you.  Please if you fix, I need to document the fix so I can
>know how to create a new user.
>Here is the process I am using:
>$ set process/privileges=all
>$ set default sys$system:
>$ run authorize
>UAF> show [100,*] /brief
>UAF> add EKOBLENTZ /uic=[100,30] /account=COBK
>UAF> modify EKOBLENTZ /password=password
>UAF> modify EKOBLENTZ /device=sys$sysdevice      <=== L@@K
>UAF> modify EKOBLENTZ /directory=[EKOBLENTZ]     <=== L@@K
>UAF> modify EKOBLENTZ /owner="Evan Koblentz"
>UAF> modify EKOBLENTZ /nopwdexpir /flag=nodisuser
>UAF> modify EKOBLENTZ /defprivileges=(TMPMBX, OPER, NETMBX)
>/privileges=(TMPMBX, OPER, NETMBX)
>UAF> modify EKOBLENTZ /flags=nodisuser
>UAF> exit
>$ create /directory /owner=[100,30] COBK$DATA:[COBK.PERSONAL.ekoblentz]  <=== L@@K
>SO...What else do I need to do?  I know my SYSTARTUP_V5.COM is a little
>screwy (yes I am using VMS 5.2) and I need to clean it up, but I don't
>think the problem described above is related to the system start script.  I
>seem to remember Brian going into a directory someplace and adding the user
>to a table or changing the system to allow a certain user to be able to log
>in.  What I'd like is to allow any user I create by default to be allowed
>to log in, if they have the correct permissions as a user.

You have created/established Evan's account with a default "home" directory of 



UAF> modify EKOBLENTZ /device=COBK$DATA:




Remember, computers only do what you tell them to do. ;)

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