[vcf-midatlantic] IBM PC near-compatibles

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Tue Oct 24 11:45:18 EDT 2017

> But that leaves a bunch of S-100 systems, some Heath/Zenith systems, brands 
> like Victor and God-knows how many others, who produced those semi-compatible 
> systems, which were soon abandoned.
> Now, S-100, I can deal with and those catch some people's interest. In fact 
> there's a lot of 3rd party PC hardware for the Heath/zenith Z-100 (Z-120 
> series). But Zenith 150-series systems, with five boards in some super-ISA 
> backplane? Forgedabotit.
> I show some of the Zenith 151-s on my Web site, and of course Z-100's; so I 
> get inquiries, like today, where someone has a Z-151 to offer. I tell them 
> "sorry, no one cares". Comments?
> Herb Johnson

It's all about the entertaining youtube videos to drive interest in 
specific systems I'd guess? The more exposure younger collectors get to 
the rare platforms that aren't documented well on the internet -- the more 
the interest will go up.

I remember finding a Zenith something or other at a thrift store that was 
close to DOS compatible but not fully. Had it's own DOS fork and there was 
a program to let it run some dos apps (not games.)

 			- Ethan

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