[vcf-midatlantic] estate planning

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 18:27:02 EDT 2017

> >
> > Very true. Often a collection is worth more in pieces - especially on a
> > market like eBay. I've always just told my wife that if something
> > happens to me to call Bill Degnan.  But then what? Ideally a few pieces
> > he would hold on to and then direct the sale and/or donation of the
> > remaining via some on-line sellers/brokers.  It wouldn't be about a
> > windfall of money for my family, but more about putting it into the
> > hands of others that have a need or want for it -- even if the overall
> > transaction was just break even.
> >
> > Bill, did I tell you I signed you up for this?
> >
> > ...and apologies in advance if this formats wonky
> >
> > Justin
> >
Gotta laugh.  But you know you all can count on me!    And I plan to live
to be 100.

I have been going with the one thing then one thing out too, rule.  Ensures
you're left only with good things so when I die my collection will be worth
selling or donating to a museum, not much junk.  Seems to be working pretty

Speaking of keeping lean anyone need a small VAX?  I have a few extras.  If
you're interested into getting into VAXen (Evan seen I can use this term
correctly if I remember), I have a few that I will sell for what I paid for
them (tens of dollars), if you don't mind coming to pick it up here.  I
will even help you get started setting up.


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