[vcf-midatlantic] Festivus - important!

VAXman at tmesis.org VAXman at tmesis.org
Mon Oct 30 13:48:13 EDT 2017

Drew Notarnicola via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>>I'll bring ribs again IF I can make it and some beer too.
>What a hero.


FWIW, I missed October's RR launch because I drove nearly all the way when I
then realized I'd forgotten to pack my motor casings.  I'll miss November's
because an old DECUS friend is getting married and I've been invited to his
ceremony.  Therefore, December's launch is the last this year and I want to
make that one.  If the weather IS NOT conducive to a launch, I'll make ribs
and attend sometime by the late afternoon/early evening.

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