W.J Eckert Punched Cards Method is Scientific Computation Thomas J Watson / IBM

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Speaking of little bits of computer history up for sale, just seen this:-

W.J Eckert Punched Cards Method is Scientific Computation Thomas J Watson / IBM

Copied from the listing:-

A very rare early computing book and FAR rarer than the 1984 reprint.

PUBLISHED IN 1940 BY Thomas J Watson / IBM, includes solving astronomical problems with punched card readers and sorters

Solution of differential equations for astronomy
Around 1933 Eckert proposed interconnecting punched card tabulating machines from IBM located in Columbia's Rutherford Laboratory to perform more than simple statistical calculations. Eckert arranged with IBM president Thomas J. Watson for a donation of newly developed IBM 601 calculating punch, which could multiply instead of just adding and subtracting.[4] In 1937 the facility was named the Thomas J. Watson Astronomical Computing Bureau. IBM support included customer service and hardware circuit modifications needed to tabulate numbers, create mathematical tables, add, subtract, multiply, reproduce, verify, create tables of differences, create tables of logarithms and perform Lagrangian interpolation, all to solve differential equations for astronomical applications. In January 1940, Eckert published Punched Card Methods in Scientific Computation, which solved the problem of predicting the orbits of the planets, using the IBM electric tabulating machines, based on the punched card. This slim book is only 136 pages, including the index.


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