[vcf-midatlantic] zoomfloppy on WIn 10 computer

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 09:28:08 EDT 2017

I have a system with Win XT that I had been using a my ZoomFloppy computer,
but when the new version came out and it was Win 10 compatible I attempted
to install on my PC with Win 10.

It worked, but I found that now the X-Cable component of the software suit
thinks my CBM 8050 with Jiffy DOS 2.7 is a 8250.  It still works but it
mis-identified the drive.  Also, I have to use D0 only, I can't get it to
recognize D1 (the left drive).  For me that's ok, but I was wondering if
anyone else had similar experiences with their use of the Win 10


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