[OT] DC-Area Workshop - September 16th Digest, Vol 23, Issue 7

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Fri Sep 8 12:42:46 EDT 2017

Sorry Alex;
I have conflicts that weekend.  I wished I could attend, however, VCF  
are still tied to the EAI TR-20 restoration in the museum.
I would have brought the beginnings of my exhibit for ' East 2018 in May,  
that also is a bit slow to get off the ground.  Too many components to  
rifle out
of the warehouse on such short notice.  Many other 'life' stuffs more  
to do.   Sorry again.
Bill Inderrieden
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Anyone else interested?  I still have  1+ confirmed.  I haven't heard from
most of the usual DC area  folks.

If you can't come, can you tell me why, so that I can tailor  this better,
in the future?

Is it:

1. too far  (Middletown, MD)
2. bad date choice
3. not  interested in a non-Infoage workshop
4. other, please  specify

Any information would be greatly  appreciated.

-  Alex

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