[vcf-midatlantic] Oracle finally kills off Sun

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 01:39:11 EDT 2017

I consulted to clients who were all-Sun, even in y2k.
One was ISO 9001 certified for their software process
so I guess running Solaris on Sun hardware was part of that.

They liked using 2 Sun 1000 servers with the serial ports criss-crossed
so one machine could access the other's serial console and reboot it,
dropping to firmware mode if required.
None of this switched outlets of remote reset-switches.

I'm frustrated with the way Sun never fulfilled their potential.
The SunRay "thin client" terminals could have beaten the pants off
of today's room of Windows machines
had the servers been properly maintained with the latest software.
Too many web pages simply didn't work on the Sun terminals.
And security was much better with the built in SmartCard reader.

-- Jeff Jonas

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