[vcf-midatlantic] COBOL: vintage vs. legacy code

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Fri Sep 15 08:09:04 EDT 2017

My question to that is:  Is it a problem if everything is working without
any issues?  I'm a firm believer of not fixing what isn't broken.

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> This popped up on a screen on SourceForge just now:
>         Give Legacy Code New Life With Modern COBOL AppDev: Using COBOL
>         as a JVM language
> With billions of lines of COBOL in use, this business language powers a
> large percentage of every ATM, government, and many other business
> transactions. Many businesses are looking for new ways to utilize
> decades of solid business logic without having to replace a mission
> critical application.
> Attend this TechBytes series sponsored by Micro Focus and presented by
> SourceForge to learn how organizations around the world are utilizing
> existing .NET and Java development teams to integrate and modernize
> COBOL applications. Attendees will learn:
>   * What tools can be used to ‘free’ business logic from legacy code
>   * Exposing COBOL processes as REST base services
>   * Using COBOL as a .NET or JVM language
> Don’t wait – register now for these TechBytes to get started.
> About the Presenter:
> Michael Bleistein, Principal Architect, at Micro Focus, is a 25-year
> veteran when it comes to COBOL. Currently he specializes in
> modernization through .NET, Java, and SOA using Visual COBOL, helping
> customers understand Micro Focus solutions and how they can be used to
> combat their business problems.
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