[vcf-midatlantic] World Maker Faire report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Sep 25 17:02:48 EDT 2017

Hey everyone.

World (NYC) Maker Faire was fantastic. The show was maybe 10% smaller 
than past years, but just as busy and the crowd was great.

Special thanks to booth helpers Jeff B., Dean, Drew, Adam, and Mouse. 
Special thanks also to Jeff for driving Adam/I and most of the equipment 
+ booth stuff; to Dean for bringing us a cooler; and Tony for loaning us 
Apple/Amdex color monitors + extra //c power supplies.

We did something new this year: we brought VCFed's 100-inch portable 
screen, put in the back of our 10x20 booth, and set up a project 
front/center. That way the back/center of our booth was one massive 
screen. We displayed our logo on the right half of the screen and an 
emulated Apple II in a window on the left half of the screen. We put 
large dark tarps above and to the side of the booth to keep out 
sunlight. It worked well: the booth was dark enough to clearly/sharply 
see our logo and the emulated Apple II display, but light enough that it 
didn't bother anything. We had three live demo stations (//c) along the 
back for kids to learn BASIC and a front desk to greet visitors.

I couldn't take any pictures: dropped my phone Saturday morning when we 
arrived and broke its screen. Got it fixed today. $159 "stupid tax".

Spotted visiting us: Chris F., Rolf, Stephen E.; David S. from the 
Trenton event; the 2600/HOPE crew; Stephen C. from IEEE Spectrum; Eric 
L. who donated the Lego robotics kit last year, and at least a dozen 
other friends-of-VCF. I could not possibly remember/list them all.

Evan Koblentz, director
Vintage Computer Federation
a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit

evan at vcfed.org
(646) 546-9999


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