[vcf-midatlantic] Switching to Tindie, eBay Disallows Links to Documentation Now

systems_glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 14:59:26 EDT 2017


I'm moving all of my open source hobby kits/projects to Tindie. I received
a nastygram from eBay last night that I needed to remove all external links
to my project descriptions and GitHub repos or my listings would be
deleted. What good is selling a bare PC board without a link to the
documentation and design files?! Anyway, my Tindie store can be found at
the following address:


So far, Tindie seems to be better in all ways than eBay, except for of
course viewership. Hopefully people will use it rather than shying away
from an unknown. The focus at Tindie is DIY/hobby/maker projects, often
open source, and often one hacker's hobby efforts. At least the "suggested
items" will likely be relevant :)

I did call eBay's customer service, and after wasting an hour wading
through tech support hierarchy, I did get a non-call-center manager who
understood the problem, but basically said, "your business is important to
us, but not *that* important" -- he admitted that not having links to
documentation basically made my eBay listings useless, but also admitted
that there are no exceptions because eBay is scared someone will sell a $10
item outside of eBay once in a while.


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