[vcf-midatlantic] Switching to Tindie, eBay Disallows Links to Documentation Now

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Sep 29 22:01:25 EDT 2017

> I too have had similar issues with eBay these past months.  All my RM Wiki
> links are now the issue.  Any text about "contact me for bulk discounts" is
> an issue.  All my links and email addresses in messages for SUPPORT are
> filtered.  Breathing is now an issue.  I literally can't do business there
> anymore in any reasonable fashion or even tell people to email me for links
> and support without reverting back to leet speak most times to which I then
> need to explain why I am doing so.

eBay is on a mission to stop people from selling around eBay. I'll admit, 
I buy a decent amount of stuff from eBay -- but it's usually very strange 
and ecclectic oddities.

eBay has been on this road for a while. They started hiding user names, 
they started proxying all messages. I thought the day would come sooner, 

They charge a lot of money to sell on there, so to sell off an odd item or 
two it's quite a huge hassle to pack up and ship the junk knowing that 
eBay beats you up so bad on fees, when their costs to operate are pretty 

When Paypal split from eBay, all of Paypal's debt was dumped on eBay I 
think. Paypal is there for the long haul.

Craigslist probably eats into eBay's business. I know eBay owns a small 
slice of Craigslist (because a CL employee sold his share.) I would be 
willing to bet that eBay is losing even more (and to some degree 
Craigslist) due to the huge number of phone apps that have entered the 
local market (Close5, OfferUp, etc etc.)

eBay is still the only good resource for people with the odd hobbies. eBay 
could use a competitor, and badly. I assume that when one does show up it 
will be a mobile site/app. If you visit the eBay community forums there is 
a lot of upset sellers. Be it from the huge amount of Chinese vendors or 
all the fees. I can only imagine what it looks like now.

But no competitor has ever emerged, probably because of the huge fraud 
issue. And with Paypal being tied to eBay, I don't know how that would 
work -- they could shut out competitors by blocking their use of Paypal, 
because there will probably be a huge number of fraud complaints due to 
... well fraud.

The music instrumnet world (at least rock type instruments not sure about 
brass/woodwind) have started to embrace Reverb.com quite heavily. Of 
course the people seem to want more than eBay prices over there.

Amazon is another alternative, their fees are similar to eBays AFAIK.

 			- Ethan

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