[vcf-midatlantic] C64 Multiplayer Internet Dungeon crawler (alpha)

Dan Roganti ragooman at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 14:37:47 EDT 2018

On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 12:41 PM, Bill Degnan via vcf-midatlantic <
vcf-midatlantic at lists.vintagecomputerfederation.org> wrote:

> I don't know my schedule for next week yet.  I was thinking that we could
> pick a window of time and try to get as many people as possible to join in
> during that block.
> For example Monday from 8PM until 12PM or something like that.  Maybe use
> the CBM IRC room to communicate.

​we have #c64netgaming on irc.newnet.org​
less traffic
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