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> Everyone,
> Some of you may remember how last year we jammed in the professional
> vendors like sardines.
> Not anymore! For 2018 we arranged the show layout so vendors (and
> consignors and VCFed itself) will have copious space available.
> Please forward this message to any businesses you know that might want to
> be a vendor at the show. Vendor tables are $30 each, vendors can order as
> many tables as they want, and the deadline is Friday April 20.
> Two rules:
> 1. Vendors must be on-topic (vintage computing items, or relevant
> electronics/supplies).
> 2. Vendors must be businesses or your primary income: individual sellers
> use consignment.

​rather strict on #2, don't you think
what ever happened to the garage shop creed,
that's how fledging entrepreneurships begin
as long as #1 is followed it shouldn't be a problem
VCF is not that big as other shows to demand such prerequisites

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