[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Printing an e-mail to a wireless printer via Android

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Thu Apr 5 16:19:47 EDT 2018

Grab an iPhone or iPad with an older iOS version and it's the same crap as older android versions or different phone manufacturers. Granted, there's a little less of that with iPhones since it's one manufacturer and the system is from the same company, but then it's a feature that android has that iOS doesn't or vice versa.

The main thing the average person I deal with likes is the closed system prevents the app manufacturer from deviating from known standards and the seamless integration with other iProducts and computers. I know this because I use them all. 

If it's just your phone or just your tablet or whatever, they all have their "awesome" features and their "ARGHH!" features.

The whole "closed system" vs "open system" debate is endless and is based on perspective/needed/wanted use.

The bulk of people just want it to work. THis is evidenced by the billions of people that don't do anything more with an android based phone than an iPhone than a windows phone etc etc. 

The number of us that want the customization/flexibility are in the significant minority whether or not we wish to admit it.

The market settled the bulk of that debate years ago. The proof is in the purchases, and not for lack of variety either.

Each use is as valid as the next. For me personally that's the beauty of the variety of systems out there be they phones or tablets or computers or all of the above. I can get as little or as much involved as I wish.

As for my phone, the signature directly below answers the question of what I want out of my phone! :-)

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>> This hardly means that Android "stinks" vs. iPhone though .... glad to
>> have that debate with you anytime. :)

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