[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sat Apr 7 02:19:20 EDT 2018

Jeff Galinat and I were at the museum from 9am to midnight today. Adam 
was there from about 11 to 6.

Adam worked most of the day in the warehouse. He tackled our Amiga 
collection -- now it's vastly better organized and uses less space!

Jeff and I built a freestanding L-shaped wall behind the UNIVAC I/O 
console / desk / motor generator. The long side of the L is a backdrop 
for all of those items, while the short side (to the right of the 
desk/MG set) separates the exhibit from the minicomputers.

I have to say: I briefly considered building this wall by myself, which 
would have been a huge mistake. :) Lost track of how many 
tips/tricks/tools that JG knew about and I didn't!

The wall looks great and is even stronger and sturdier than I planned.

It is 95% finished. I have to paint a couple of the edges and also paint 
the rear support braces. I also have to finish installing the bookshelf. 
That'll take 30 minutes, tops.

Here are some pictures:

Cool gadget for drilling screw holes at a sharp angle:

Starting to see a back wall shape form:

Look ma! We can frame!

Almost finished:

In that last picture you can see I have to finish the bookshelf, 
painting the edge of the "L", etc.

You'll also see a large gap between the end of the wall/console and the 
next component (to the left out of camera view). That gap is going away 
late next week when we re-pallet the whole UNIVAC system.

Jeff B. is docent tomorrow.

Adam and I will be back there Sunday.

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