[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sat Apr 7 15:34:57 EDT 2018

>         The gray wall makes it look like the Univac is installed in a
>         "computer
>         room".
>     Exactly! This computer was used on U.S. Navy cruisers/destroyers,
>     so we wanted to evoke that style. We have some ideas to do more of
>     that if resources ever allow.
>> yes, very nice work​ indeed
> the battleship gray color scheme invokes a good sentiment
> Might I suggest something for the wall,
> perhaps a wall sized poster with the backdrop showing the inside of 
> the naval ship where the computer would be located.

I'm thinking about something like that. Not sure if it will get done 
before VCF East.

> Like the one in the USS Midway museum, this gives an added sense of 
> depth to the exhibit
> something like this,I just picked one at random of the USS Midway
> http://www.midwaysailor.com/clintgriffin/sinsroom-001b.jpg

That's the exact same tape drive as with our system!

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