[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Apr 8 21:08:54 EDT 2018

Adam and I got to the museum at 11 today and stayed to 7. We took 
delivery of an IBM System/36 and its printer from member John H. and his 
father. We also took delivery of a few micros, most notably a Compaq 
Portable III with the add-on "backpack" for installing expansion cards. 
I'm happy about that so we don't have to keep bugging Mouse to loan us 
his for various demos. :) I was docent today; steady flow of families 
all day. About 25 people total. Adam was in the warehouse sorting more 
Commodore items (software this time) ... and in the process found 10 
more Commodore-branded cassette drives and several nice modems.

Bill Drom. and Duane were there all day working on the UNIVAC. Laura 
came over to paint more of the new UNIVAC backdrop and the third pallet.

Tony stopped by to do more Apple II/Apple III evaluation/repair.

It's fun when there is so much activity!


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