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Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Sun Apr 8 21:16:42 EDT 2018

Great job everyone! It's nice to see so many volunteers moving VCF forward!

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> Adam and I got to the museum at 11 today and stayed to 7. We took delivery
> of an IBM System/36 and its printer from member John H. and his father. We
> also took delivery of a few micros, most notably a Compaq Portable III with
> the add-on "backpack" for installing expansion cards. I'm happy about that
> so we don't have to keep bugging Mouse to loan us his for various demos. :)
> I was docent today; steady flow of families all day. About 25 people total.
> Adam was in the warehouse sorting more Commodore items (software this time)
> ... and in the process found 10 more Commodore-branded cassette drives and
> several nice modems.
> Bill Drom. and Duane were there all day working on the UNIVAC. Laura came
> over to paint more of the new UNIVAC backdrop and the third pallet.
> Tony stopped by to do more Apple II/Apple III evaluation/repair.
> It's fun when there is so much activity!
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