[vcf-midatlantic] Floppy emulators, any experience?

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Sun Apr 8 22:55:02 EDT 2018

On 04/08/2018 09:17 PM, Jeffrey Brace wrote:
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>     I'm currently planning on various restorations of my older systems. Unfortunately
>     I've got a limited number of working drives. I'd like to know your experiences
>     with the floppy emulators that are available. I've seen the HxC, the Gotek and
>     the clones, though I think the Gotek is also a clone. I haven't purchased
>     anything and I'm trying to understand these things better before I start buying
>     anything.
> It's not clear to me if you are looking for floppy disk emulators for a particular micro 
> or all of them.

Well to start off with just the CoCo and OS9. that should cover the
CoCo, Sardis and PT68/K2 as they all run OS9. So the same format.

But later I'll be working with other systems such as the ATR8000
and DOS. From everything I've read DOS should be the least troublesome.

I don't plan on working on more than 1 system at a time. I think I
have about 4 or 5 drives (maybe a few more 3 1/2").

I may also have a MAC drive but I have no need of it.

 > Would you like to know about the ones available for the C64?

I haven't come across one yet but I also haven't been looking.
I think there is a C64 drive emulator (using a Raspberry Pi). The
Atari 800 has something similar.
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