[vcf-midatlantic] ANNOUNCE: VCF East XIII 8085 Single Board Computer

systems_glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 10:07:42 EDT 2018

Some of you may have noticed that I've been extra busy/slow to reply
lately. It's not just because of taxes :) This is on my bench:


We got together on the idea of a special edition vintage computer project
for VCF East last year, but there wasn't enough time between when someone
mentioned the idea and the event to actually get it done. This year, I've
revised my 8085 SBC design into a larger, more full-featured board as seen
above. Specs as follows:

* 8085 CPU
* 64K Static RAM
* 32K ROM available in 4K pages
* Autoboot/ROM switchout circuit
* 8251A USART for console port
* DS1233 EconoReset
* Baud rates from 300 - 38400, baud clock independent of CPU clock
* GlitchBus expansion header
* Single 5V power supply

The board is 8x5 inches, the GlitchBus expansion stacking area provides for
a 4x5 inch board. Currently I've got the prototype version running GWMON,
my ROM monitor, from Ferroelectric RAM in the ROM socket. The goal is to
have a customized monitor and fully functional BASIC by VCF East. This is
also the first board to commit to a GlitchBus pinout/layout -- several of
us have been working together offline and through IRC to get it nailed
down. Eventually, you'll be able to add a storage controller (CF, floppy,
etc.) via GlitchBus and boot/run CP/M! The ROM can be switched out under
software control, so the full 64K of RAM will be available to user
programs. The board also supports FeRAM, so it's possible to have a
core-like setup for main memory. If you use FeRAM or an EEPROM in the ROM
socket, the board can update its own firmware.

This revision is going to be released at VCF East XIII and is a special
edition that will probably be limited to the show. We'll be doing an
event-long workshop to build and test the SBC at InfoAge during VCF East,
just like we did with the XT-IDE and Apple II prototyping workshop last
year. If you choose to assemble your board at VCF East, you'll leave with a
100% tested and working 8085 SBC. I may bring a very few CRT terminals to
make available to builders of the 8085 SBC.

Evan got me a high-res PNG version of the VCFed logo, which I was able to
work into a copper-and-silkscreen graphic for the PC board:


I haven't nailed down a price for parts kits yet -- that will be


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