[vcf-midatlantic] Moved the UNIVAC!

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Apr 12 22:42:22 EDT 2018

Me, Tony, Bill Drom., Bill I., and Dan J. all moved the UNIVAC onto its 
new pallets today.

Here is the "after" picture: https://tinyurl.com/ycjp28yw.

You can see how the new pallets are all plywood on top (not spaced-apart 
boards like a warehouse pallet), painted to match (thanks to Laura), and 
designed to perfectly fit the width of each component (thanks to Drom). 
The pallet left of the desk is wider to hold the Signal Data Converter 
and the paper tape I/O console together, because those are small components.

At an upcoming work day (probably the April workshop) we'll move the 
components about one foot farther back on the pallets. That way we can 
bolt down the CPU and tape drive, which makes it safe to open upper 
cabinets without risk of anything tipping forward.

We'll probably touch up the paint on some of the pallets and maybe also 
touch up parts of the wall this weekend. Another thing we might do is 
add a trim piece across the front of all three pallets for better looks.

We moved the switcher rack (basically a giant A/B switch!) back into the 

In addition to making the exhibit look nicer, this project also gives us 
several more feet of empty space where the center aisle begins near the 
museum front door. We're planning to move the "featured artifact"* 
exhibit to that spot.


* Formerly "Artifact of the Month"; changed the name because we never 
got around to changing it every month!

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