[vcf-midatlantic] CTTY in Freedos

Jeff G jeffg at junknet.net
Wed Apr 18 12:44:51 EDT 2018

Hi all - I'm in the process of building a mega disk-imaging box, er really
a "vintage computing support center" box to help with creating disks,
imaging disks, etc. It even has a Needhams ISA rom burner (and get this,
its a P4!). The computer runs Freedos as its main OS. Getting data to/from
the computer isn't a problem as I have a couple 2gb USB sticks that the
BIOS supports as a dos-compatible hard drive, as long as I boot with one in

That said, I was hoping that on occasion to be able to control it from my
main computer, and figured a serial cable and CTTY would work, but despite
having the serial port working via Telix (can talk to my main computer
running Putty), CTTY gives me a write error (and the usual
abort/retry/fail). Anyone know why that is and how to fix it? I'm thinking
CTTY is looking at control lines, but I have a serial breakout box on it
now and cts/rts criss-crossed as they should.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff G #3 - aka "Bags"

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