[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Apr 22 00:09:06 EDT 2018

Sorry everyone for the late report. I had to rush to a personal 
commitment after museum hours and just got home.

Moderate amount of visitors today. About a dozen total, all adults.

I installed kick-down doorstops on the double-door entrance to our 
museum. Before we were using a wedge-style doorstop and only had one of 
those. New ones are a nice improvement.

I tested our new Compaq Portable III because I need a working one for 
Lego robot demos. It boots to a memory error, so I'll see about fixing 
it at the next workshop -- something about "error 21" but I forget the 
exact message. We have another one for parts if needed. Should I start 
with the usual reseating, etc.? (Worse problem: the prior owner inserted 
a 5.25" disk ** sideways ** .... it's stuck in there. I will take it 
apart at the workshop to undo their action.)

Laura was there today to paint the trim pieces that will attach to the 
front of the new UNIVAC pallets.

Tony stopped by to work on the last of our untested Apple IIs.

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