[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East XIII - NEEDED = Camcorder operator, camcorder

VAXman at tmesis.org VAXman at tmesis.org
Mon Apr 23 06:54:35 EDT 2018

Ethan O'Toole via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>> We are down one camcorder operator and camera for video recording our
>> Friday classes. > We have exactly enough. > That means I have to step
>in to give others breaks. > I'm looking for another operator to be in
>the rotation of filming the > classes. > We also need another camcorder
>to record the classes. 
>I have 3 Canon Vixia series HD cameras. They can use high class SD cards
>for direct recording to card. I won't be available to run the camera(s),
>but can supply them (will be doing a table). 
>I also have a full Blackmagic ATEM HD switcher rig with HDMI to HD-SDI
>converters, coax, and a rack with two 7" preview monitors + laptop. It
>can do direct to disk H264 encoding and what not, and has multiview
>support where you can see all the cameras and switch between them.
>Possible to do multicamera switched recording with it -- but someone
>else would have to take on the recording and mixing part. But hardware
>is available for use if desired. 
>Here is my AV/Laser show/Lighting inventory if anything from it would be
>useful for VCF let me know. I am kind of a music / AV hardware geek as
>well as retro computers and arcades/pinballs: 
> 		- Ethan 

I have a Canon VIXIA HF-G40.  I was planning on attending the VMS talk,
so I will video that session.

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