[vcf-midatlantic] NiCad coin cells?

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Thu Apr 26 15:18:43 EDT 2018

I'm busy resurrecting a Toshiba T100SE. Unfortunately I've found the Ni-Cads to all be
dead, The main battery pack is a 7.2v 1700mHA pack (6x1.2v) and then there's a RTC
backup battery which is made up of Ni-Cad coin cells (2.4v, 4x1.2v but made up of 4
cells). Anyway I can fudge it with a couple of AA Ni-Cads I have. This is just to make
sure it starts up the Intelligent power supply is very picky about the batteries. I
currently have a kludge battery pack of AA Ni-Cads (with twice the mAH - hehe) and I'll
build a temporary RTC battery out of 2 AA Ni-Cads.

So my questions are:

- Does anyone have any recommendations for building (or rebuilding)
the battery pack?

- Any recommendations on the coin cell part?

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